Visualising data through dashboards is a very modern approach to analysing and organising your marketing data. But why are these tools so popular? Well it’s very simple. Dashboards simplify the analysis process by gathering all data and displaying it in one location. We have also learned a great deal from these tools and applied those learnings in the development our own products.

Key benefits for the user-

  1. Create reusable template
  2. Manage user permissions (restricted level access)
  3. Custom report: It will improve your service offerings and their business performance by instead giving them direct access

Features include:

  1. Advanced Filters on Reports
  2. Crosstab (w/o quotas)
  3. Crosstab (with Quotas/Targets)
  4. Simple Grid (Array Questions)
  5. Raw survey data files in various formats (e.g., Excel or SPSS)
  6. Automated reporting with question response frequencies and bar charts
  1. Create "Banner tabulations" by selected subgroups.
  2. Graphs
  3. Charts
  4. Word Cloud
  5. Create attractive infographics with market research data-- dashboard is able to engage a user and help a user to see the bigger picture.

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